FiiO's latest entry level True Wireless have arrived under the Sub-brand Jade Audio EW1 at RM199 Shop Now!

FiiO BTR1K HiFi Bluetooth Receiver

RM 189.00 RM 249.00


1. How to pair the smart phone with BTR1K?

A: 1. Unlock your smart phone and turn on Bluetooth;

2. BTR1K is in pairing mode which means the blue and red lights flashing alternately.

*How to power on the BTR1K: Please hold the Power button (the round button on the front of BTR1K) for about 3 seconds until the blue light flashes for 3 times, and the device then power on.

2. How to reset the BTR1K?

A: Please hold the Power button for about 10 seconds to reset BTR1K.

3. How to pair the BTR1K to cellphone with NFC?

A: After BTR1K is turned on, unlock your android device with NFC, get μBTR and your android device touched by the NFC detecting area to start the pairing.

4. Is the volume control of BTR1K synchronized with the phone? How many volume series controls?

The BTR1K volume is out of sync with the phone, and the BTR1K volume level is 32